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From the first steps in the world of equestrian sport to the ultimate partnership of horse and rider: we are here to accompany you on your journey. We assist you in making the right feed decisions to bring out the best in you and your horse. Not as a quick fix, but with a view to the horizon.

We’re committed to good health inside and out. Our products are created to meet the needs of your horse in any sport, any phase of life, and any specific requirements.

Ambition is what drives us and makes us grow. All of us. At Cavalor, we challenge ourselves to gain more knowledge and improve continuously. That’s how we develop our products; every product is borne of a rational and unique view on equine feeding and care – supported by scientific research and driven by the desire for the health of the horse and the meeting of its needs.

Every horse is different. Every rider is unique. As are their ambitions. We are here for all equestrian athletes. We are Cavalor, a part of your team. We are here to empower your ambitions.

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