Cortaflex® HA Super Fenn Solution

Provides powerful joint support for performance, racing and competition horses, or older horses with significant levels of wear and tear, through a unique combination of collagen, amino acids, hyaluronic acid and trace elements, delivering the important nutritional building blocks to support joint health.

Also contains Boswellia, Yucca and MSM to support joint and muscle comfort in hard working horses

BETA NOPS and UFAS accredited, ensuring our products do not contain prohibited substances and are suitable for horses competing under FEI regulations and the Rules of Racing.

Tried and tested – with over 2 million units sold worldwide.


Performance horses’ joints are subjected to extreme forces during both training and competition, and cartilage and joint fluid are often the first areas to show signs of wear and tear. Cartilage is the spongy, elastic material which covers the ends of the bones within a joint, acting as a major shock absorber and helping to reduce friction. Joint or synovial fluid should be thick and viscous, to bathe and lubricate the joint, also acting as a vital shock absorber.

Cortaflex® HA Super Fenn Solution provides the nutritional building blocks to help the specialized cells in cartilage, called chondrocytes, to maintain the repair process, as well as providing hyaluronic acid to help maintain healthy joint fluid.


What are the benefits of Cortaflex® HA Super Fenn Solution?

Supporting cartilage (collagen, MSM and manganese)

Antioxidant defence (MSM and copper)

Synovial fluid support (hyaluronic acid)

Joint and connective tissue support (MSM, manganese and silicon)

Supporting a normal inflammatory response (Boswellia, Yucca, MSM)

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